Extension!!! & Giveaway Item #3: Completely Vegan Bacon Socks

Cozy New Year Giveaway


Happy Snow Day!

Need something to get a little cozy?
Well, you're in luck! We are extending our Giveaway to January 30th! Noon Pacific Time. Please be sure to share the post and the love!
Second item on the agenda is that we are announcing our third item for our Cozy New Year Giveaway!
They are BACON SOCKS! Who doesn't need an old-fashioned pair of crew socks with Bacon on them?! Our Angel Donor wants to be sure someone with the right sized feet enjoy these animal-friendly socks.

Cozy New Year Giveaway Item 3 is "Bacon Socks, men's crew, sized Small"

Alrighty, if you forgot what the rules are for the Giveaway, please remind yourself by clicking on the picture here:

Link to Rabble Rouser's Cozy New Year Giveaway Details, image is a starburst of three types of blues with a white block-print style banner with two fleched ends saying "Deets."

Want some bacon socks?
Yeah, you do.

A clip of Harry Potter at the Breakfast Table in Hogwarts drooling Orange Juice and then lowering the brass goblet.


Wish you luck!

(I don't get the bacon socks, I got to source the bacon socks, and hold on to them, and then I get to give them up. To someone. Why not you?)


Disclaimer: No pigs were harmed in the making of this post.


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