Blogging with a Purpose: Non-Monetization.

This post originally appeared on the website April 16th, 2017, and has been republished here with permission.


There are many reasons that people write blogs and create content. It seems like now everywhere I turn people are monetizing blogs and creating affiliate link lists a mile long.(okay, I'll lay off the cliches now.)


I hate everything about the monetized blog trend and the minute I see one on my phone that I've clicked through to I redirect and go back to my original page (usually Facebook or Pinterest.) 


Non-monetized blogs are created for various reasons:

  • The writer is passionate about the topic, product or journey they are on.
  • The writer is journalling/vlogging, etc.
  • The writer is looking to legitimize their work, product or book. 
  • The writer was looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and blogging was the latest faux-faire.
  • Blogging is an outlet for the writer about something they face.
  • Blogging is a platform for their views for which they want to be heard.

Of all of these purposes, and there are many more, I am seeking legitimacy in my work and to establish a following of readers who are helpful with criticism but look primarily to be entertained. The writing I do is always so all-over-the-place that I'm unsure why anyone would want to follow me, but followers I have... apparently none that comment or like commenting, but to each their own style of participation!


I've sat down and realized that I want to self-publish a book of poetry and perhaps even start self-publishing romances and erotica, but I want to legitimately publish a dystopian or epic fantasy and that means my interests are super divided. I have a hard enough time dividing my time between work-writing and fun-writing, so how am I going to figure out the divides I need to blog, write my poetry/romance/erotica, write my sci/fi/fantasy/dystopians and write for work?!


Well, I'll figure it out and from now on, I plan on writing a lot more here! I'll even publish my journey if you're interested...?

This post originally appeared on the website April 16th, 2017, and has been republished here with permission.

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