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This post originally appeared on on May 19, 2017. Republished with Permission.


Aboriginal headress on one faceL
Inspiration yesterday was completely surrounding us. As I saw my daughter walk around the woods in both wonder and awe and then in horror as clouds rolled over the sun, terrified of the darker places in the woods, I knew that she was having an interaction with her surroundings that was bringing her imagination to life, scary as it might be sometimes.

We went for a walk in a park called Ferry Island Municipal Park and it has Black Cottonwoods (part of the Poplar family!) and in some were carved faces peering out of them. It's not a new phenomenon. The Cottonwood Island Park in Prince George BC also has faces hidden in some trees, also in the cottonwoods-its namesake.

Ruby in front of the bench with a face. Seems to be for the 2010 Winter Olympics that came to our province.L
Ruby and I enjoyed teasing each other over the faces, finding them, missing them and overall just wondering who each face was. Was it the face of a hidden elf, ready to pop out once we turned our back? Were they the faces of forest sprites who forbid their women to show their own faces... or just have very masculine women?! Is the owl alive and watching us as we walk by? Will it take to flight after we've gone?
Unusual but welcome was this wonderfully rendered dragon!L
Of course, none of this is true but in the woods you cannot help but feel like the living forest is interested in itself and we are merely intruders on its solitude. The birds chit-chattering all over the sky, the eventual rain being slapped on leaves overhead, the mud the only proof that we ever came or saw or visited. The squirrel and bird fighting over something on the ground didn't even notice us as we paused to watch their heated conversation.

Can you see the houses in the trees?L
It was beautiful and a bit of a reset for my mind last night to be able to escape, imagine and create for myself those fantasy worlds that I wished did actually exist. I suppose I had better be careful what I wish for or I just might get it. ;-)
A gentle faceL
Another aboriginal headressed face. Another welcome sight! Beautiful rendering!L
The houses up closeL
Ruby ripped the fake cigarette right out of his mouth "eww" she said.L
What a mouth on this guy, just give him a group and call it Aerosmith.L
Less well rendered but it seems like an attempt at female or long haired male?L
Love this one, a wearrior and warrior woman. The only learly female carving, yet no distinguishable female faces were to be found.L
Poor old guy needs to rest awhile.L
This face is smoking, tsk!L
A beautifully rendered owl!L
This face reminds me of Mairori carvings! Especially the eyes. Beautiful in that the tree kept growing and thus the face cracked!L
Better view of the bench...L
One of the houses up close.L
Viking warriors from far away.L
Another smoking figure, this time someone wrapped around the twig making it legitimately look like a cigarette. Youth are funny these days.L
This post originally appeared on on May 19, 2017. Republished with Permission.

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