July 2020 Astrology

July 2020 – Current Retrogrades

What does it mean when planets go “retrograde”?

Retrogrades are when planets appear to be going backward, due to the speed the planet is travelling. Think of it as two vehicles next to each other, one stopped and one slowly moving forward. It looks like you are going backwards when really, you’re still.

During retrogrades, this is not the time for starting anything new, unless absolutely necessary. They are a time of taking things slower, to review, to reflect, and to think things thoroughly. It’s a good idea to get organized, meditate, or to work on things already in progress.

Currently we have 5 retrograding planets, these planets being Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

Read below to see dates and a brief explanation.

Mercury Retrograde June 17 to July 12

Review and revise how you communicate and your thought process.

Think to yourself:

“How can I better communicate with myself and those around me?”

“What negative thinking patterns do I need to let go of?”

“How can I better control my negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones?”

Note: During Mercury Retrograde, there is often trouble with technology, mistakes or delays happen, and it is not the time to sign contracts. If you do need to begin something new (or sign a contract), read the fine print, be organized, and double check everything.

Travel should be carefully planned.

Since Mercury rules communication, make sure you are clear in your speech and writing avoiding miscommunication. Try to be flexible with your schedule. Any major changes you initiate should be planned for the 13th or later when Mercury goes direct.

Jupiter Retrograde May 14 to September 12

Review your capacity for moderation and balance.

Ask yourself:

“How can I best bring balance into my life?”
“Where in life am I too excessive and how can I work on it?”
“What needs more moderation in my life?”

Jupiter helps us see the big picture but sometimes we get carried away with being detail-oriented or only seeing the big picture without thinking on a smaller scale – try to find a balance.

When Jupiter is imbalanced, people tend to do things in extremes, such as: overspending, exaggerating too much, being excessive in addictions, and so forth.

When we balance Jupiter energy, we open ourselves to more opportunities for happiness, growth, luck and abundance.

Saturn Retrograde May 10 to September 28

Review and reflect on your responsibilities and structure in your life. Are you too hard on yourself or do you need to give yourself more discipline?

Saturn is the planet of karma and gives reality checks where needed. When retrograde, karma is sorted out.

If you’ve been putting in effort and been hard-working (while Saturn is direct), it brings rewards.

If you have been taking short cuts and taking the easy way out, Saturn will be tougher on you.

Neptune June 22 to November 28

While Neptune is retrograde any self-deception will be recognized, false and harsh realities are shown and the “rose-coloured glasses” are removed.

The more you have tried to escape reality especially through addictions, the more you’ll notice this energy.

On a positive note, this energy can help us find deeper meaning in our lives and helps us connect to a more intuitive side.

While Neptune is direct, we are more easily disillusioned, manipulated and naïve. It helps us hide our anxieties, fears and unwanted realities. This is why when the planet goes retrograde, it can be a difficult time for those who have been ignoring the realities of life and those who do not deal with their fears and anxieties. While retrograde and as things come to the surface, this is the best time to work through those things.

Pluto April 25 to October 4

Reflect and review on your ideas about power and transformation.

Ask yourself:

“How can I work on myself for growth and change?”
“How can I transform my life into the one I want?”

You should work on any feelings of obsession and jealously. If you’re too focused on power or being in a powerful position, you need to rethink your goals and reflect on what is truly important.

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