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The Sun, Mercury, Venus and all the other planets (or luminaries) go through the 12 zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces. Seeing where the planets are aligned helps us understand what energies are at play around us, what may affect us and to help us know when a good or less favourable time is for something. I will be going through where the planets are throughout the month, how to best use that energy and what to look out for so stay tuned!


Since the moon changes signs every ~ 2.5 days, I won't mention it here. If you want to know about the moon in different phases and signs, check out my weekly article, also in Rabble Rouser.


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For those more advanced, you can check what house the planet is transiting in your natal chart to see where in your life you can expect these energetic changes.

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e.g. If Mars were in Scorpio at 22° (you can look online to find the degree), look for Scorpio in your natal chart and the house that 22° Scorpio lands in, that’s where in your life you can expect to be affected the most – if it were to be in your 6th house, it would be most noticeable in your daily routine, work and/or health).


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March 2020 – Personal Planets


The personal planets (and luminaries, the sun and moon) are Mercury, Venus and Mars. Since they are closer to the Sun, gravity pulls the inner (or personal) planets closer to the Sun, making their orbits revolve faster than the outer planets because there is less distance for them to travel. Because of the Sun’s gravity, they spend less time in each sign than the outer planets, like Saturn.


This month starts with Venus in Aries, Mercury and the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn.


Venus in Aries is the time to be spontaneous and passionate! Keep in mind to be cooperative instead of argumentative and watch out for spending your money impulsively. Also careful of being overconfident. This is a good time for going on dates, taking time for a hobby you love, and starting something new!


Pisces as two salmon, by Amanda Ramsay


With the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, this is a wonderful time for being sympathetic, creative and expressing your emotions (in a healthy way). We are also more intuitive with Pisces energy which makes it great for meditation, divination, dream work, etc. Don’t get “lost in your daydreams” and try being practical and realistic in your goals. Careful of miscommunication, unhealthy escapism, overthinking, and of being naïve. If you pick up others feelings easily, take time for self care as this can be a draining time. It’s a favourable time for expressing your spiritual side as well. I recommend going in nature near water if you’re feeling stressed or drained, even just a little stream. This will help ground you, balance your emotions and it’s nice to take a break!


On March 4th at 3:08am, Mercury enters Aquarius. Be flexible with your schedule, spend time with friends and make connections! Unique, clever ideas are likely to come up so stay open-minded. Learning about something unusual or unconventional would be favourable. Take time to think of your future goals, but don’t start unless necessary. If you’re not a very social person, being independent and focusing on yourself is also favourable.


Venus will also be entering Taurus on the 4th of March at 7:07pm. If you’re looking to start a more stable, lasting relationship then this is the time (over Venus in Aries). Don’t be too stubborn in your ways, and work with others to compromise. Take time to sort out your finances if you haven’t lately, and re-evaluate your spending habits. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you and if you like decorating, this is a great time to rearrange your home or to simply put up some art! If your confidence has been low, do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Venus in Taurus likes nice things so if you can afford it, treat yourself! Taurus energy also likes being comfortable, so being at home or with close friends is good as long as you aren’t putting off any responsibilities too much.


Due to Mercury being Retrograde, it will be re-entering Pisces at 12:42am on the 16th.

On the 19th, the Sun will enter Aries at 8:50pm. Confidence is great, just don’t be self absorbed or too arrogant. During this time, remember to take other people’s feelings into consideration and don’t just focus on yourself. Avoid impulsive decisions and being impatient. Instead, use this fiery, fast-moving energy to work on projects you’ve been putting off and to do something productive. This is a great time for being creative and adventurous, as well as being ambitious. Indulging in something you are passionate about would be great during this time, be responsible and avoid important matters. Last, if you tend to be hot-tempered, do something to calm your nerves and avoid arguments.


On the 30th of March, Mars will be entering Aquarius at 12:43pm. Being determined comes easily with this energy, and is a great time to show off your imaginative, innovative ideas. Just like Mercury in Aquarius, this energy is great for being around friends and networking. If you’re stressed, take it easy and try doing things step by step. Try doing something new or outside of your usual comfort zone. Make sure to be realistic in your goals and avoid being flighty in plans.

Outer Planets & Retrogrades


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the outer planets used in astrology and move a lot slower, making them stay in a zodiac sign longer than the personal planets. The signs they are in now will last a while, with the next change being March 22nd, 2020.

To see how to best use the outer planets’ energy, read on!


Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces.


With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we should be realistic, practical and organized in important matters and goals. Try being down-to-earth with money matters and responsibilities. If you are hard working, patient and ambitious, you should be rather abundant. Make sure to have a plan and things in order if you plan on moving, starting a new job, or something else major. Be cautious of overspending and make sure anything you start is on a stable foundation during this time as well.


On March 21st at 8:58pm, Saturn will enter Aquarius. Having a combination of traditional values and new, innovative ideas are best during this period of time. Avoid having a tunnel vision mindset, being stubborn or conceited. Try working with others, as good team work is beneficial during this time. Take time to connect with your friends and try to do something out of the ordinary. Being focused, hard-working and ambitious will help you achieve your goals. If there is a certain way of doing something, thinking outside the box is great, just don’t try to change everything.
Uranus is in Taurus which means it’s good to be open to change and being open-minded. Try not to be too stubborn or stuck in your ways; things that push us out of our comfort zones help us grow! If you feel like you need to change something in your life, it’s best to do that while you are motivated and thinking about it. This is the time to get rid of things that are no longer good for you, whether that be a person, mindset, lifestyle, or even physical clutter. If change makes you feel uneasy, try being flexible and having “go with the flow” energy.


Last is Neptune in Pisces. Since Neptune rules this sign, its energy is more intense. Careful of being overindulgent, unhealthy escapism and doing things excessively. Make sure to be realistic in goals and dreams you have. This is a good time for following your intuition and trusting your gut. Being creative is also a wonderful thing to do during this time, as well as meditation.

Mercury is in retrograde. Gold geometric border lines surround the alchemy symbol for Mercury with a rotating planet in the negative space of the symbol.

Mercury went Retrograde on February 16th and continues to be until March 9th. During this time there is often trouble with technology, mistakes or delays happen, and is not the time to sign contracts. If you do need to begin something new or sign a contract, read the fine print, be organized and double check everything. Travelling should be carefully planned when Mercury is Retrograde. This is a good time however, to review plans and projects you currently have going on. Since Mercury rules communication, make sure you’re clear in your speech and writing to avoid miscommunication. Try to be flexible with your schedule and any major changes you initiate should be planned for the 10th or later, when Mercury goes direct. The exact time it goes Direct is March 9th at 8:49pm.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for next month!


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