Moon Signs with Jenna Medeiros: December 20th - 26th, 2019.

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The Moon’s Energy & How it’s Affecting Us

Weekly periods run from Friday to Thursday; All times PST

Why follow the moon?

In astrology, the moon rules our feelings, habits and instincts. Knowing what sign and phase the moon is in gives you the chance to harness the moon’s energy to your advantage – to know when the best, most effective time is for taking action, romance, relaxing or when to avoid certain things. Also, if you’re more tuned into the moon’s energy, it gives you a heads up of how the moon will be affecting you on an emotional level.
For those more advanced, you can check what house the moon is transiting in your natal chart to see where in your life you can expect these energetic changes.
Want to know what the moon has in store for you? Read on!
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What can we expect this week?

December 20th-26th 2019.
On Friday the 20th the moon will be in Libra, which is a good time for focusing on relationships (friendships too), being social and appreciating the beauty around you! Having a “heart over head” attitude while the moon is in Libra is quite beneficial because it’s ruled by Venus. Find time to do something that makes you feel good about yourself, whether that be emotional, physical or even spiritual. If you happen to get into an argument, it’ll be better to compromise than fight or hold grudges. Since the moon is in a waxing crescent until the end of Tuesday, use this time to rest, do self reflection, meditation and to be thankful.
A small boat and paddle carry a crescent moon toward a scorpion. The header reads "Moon in Scorpio."
Saturday the moon enters Scorpio and will be here until the end of Sunday. This is not the time for being overly secretive, jealous, or being too obsessive. It is a good time however for transformation! Let go of what no longer serves you, whether that be a person, a certain mindset/belief, or whatever applies to you. If you are feeling a bit on edge or have a “short fuse”, this is an especially good time to breathe, meditate, and watch your words/actions. Scorpio moon makes it a good time for developing psychic skills and to do deep research on things mysterious and occult. Also, if you end up self-reflecting, this is an especially great time for deep “soul diving”.
Monday at 8:35am the moon moves into Sagittarius. It’s a wonderful time for growing your spiritual knowledge and thinking philosophically. Ruled by Jupiter, the moon in this fiery sign carries passionate, impulsive, indulgent energy and favours growth and luck. Having the energy of expansion, be careful of overindulging or acting too quickly on things. Use this time to be imaginative, adventurous and to have fun! The moon will be staying here until Wednesday afternoon.
On the 25th at 1:46pm, the moon enters Capricorn. This is the time for being productive and focusing on your money and career. Don’t forget to have fun, just remember during this time your responsibilities should be in order first. If this holiday season has got you stressed, do something that makes you feel calm and grounded like going out in nature, meditating...
It is also a solar eclipse new moon on the night of the 25th. Eclipses bring fast, sudden changes to help us grow. Since it is a solar eclipse, changes are likely to be more on the physical than emotional side of things. Don’t be surprised if you get “pushed” into a goal you’ve been meaning to pursue or if it’s a shift that’s more than overdue. Try to be thankful for the opportunity to grow and evolve into a better version of yourself – it truly is a wonderful thing. New moons are also good for making wishes and manifesting.
The moon will be in Capricorn on Thursday as well, but in a waxing crescent. This moon phase is good for exploring creative ideas, visualizing change, and doing spells for money and success.
Reimagined Capricorn as a mermaid with goat horns. Illustrated in wood-block style in gold foil design.

Moon Void of Course

I won’t get too into detail about this here, but when the moon is in between changing zodiac signs, it goes through a period called “Void of Course”. Things started at this time often get delayed, need adjustment, end up failing, or otherwise just not being stable.
If you’re making any major decisions (e.g. starting a new business, making investments, or even first dates) they should be avoided during this time if possible, as well as planning anything important. Instead, do something such as cleaning, reading, meditating, or so on. If you are going to close a business or end a relationship, this is the time to do so. (Below image.)
Animated image for "into the void"


Times this week:

Dec.21st 3:45am to 4:57am
Dec.22nd 7:27pm to Dec.23rd 8:34am
Dec.25th 3:18am to 1:45pm
Dec.27th 1:03pm to 9:21pm
Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for next week!
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