Moon Signs with Jenna Medeiros: February 21st to 27th, 2020.

The Moon’s Energy & How it’s Affecting Us

Weekly periods run from Friday to Thursday, All times PST


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Why follow the moon?

In astrology, the moon rules our feelings, habits and instincts. Knowing what sign and phase the moon is in gives you the chance to harness the moon’s energy to your advantage – to know when the best, most effective time is for taking action, romance, relaxing or when to avoid certain things. Also, if you’re more tuned into the moon’s energy, it gives you a heads up of how the moon will be affecting you on an emotional level. If you want to read about the other planets, I also write a monthly article on!
For those more advanced, you can check what house the moon is transiting in your natal chart to see where in your life you can expect these energetic changes.

Want to know what the moon has in store for you? Read on!

What can we expect this week?

February 21st to 27th, 2020

The week starts with the moon in Aquarius and will be here until Saturday night. This is a good time for socializing with friends, doing something charitable, making wishes and the best time to try something new! Try thinking outside the box and doing things with a different approach during this time. It is also a great time to be “weird” and show off what makes you different! Friday and Saturday the moon will be in a waning crescent phase which is good for resting, reflecting and looking inward. Be thankful, show gratitude and maybe study or meditate. This is also the time for banishing magick and to cleanse yourself and home.

Saturday at 10:37pm the moon enters Pisces. When the moon is in a water sign, our emotions are more easily affected and our intuition is heightened. If you have a water sun or moon sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) expect to feel more moody or sensitive. If you feel overwhelmed, try writing, painting, going on a walk or doing some self care. During this period, trust your gut if something feels off and try not to be caught up in fantasy too much. Also, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, avoid unhealthy escapism and avoid drinking or smoking too much. On a higher note, this is a wonderful time for being creative, expressing one’s emotions (in a healthy way) and meditation. Divination and dream work during this time are favourable as well.

Moon in Pisces

Sunday, we have a new moon in Pisces. This moon phase is good for thinking about what’s next, visualizing changes we want to bring into our life, and to set intentions and goals. You may also want to make wishes or make some new moon water by placing a container/jar of water in the moonlight for 3 nights - this Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. I would also suggest holding the jar and imagining what you want to bring into your life or any wishes you have. You can also cleanse your crystals, tarot cards, or whatever you like in the moonlight. The new moon is also good for banishing magick, divination and soul searching.

The rest of the week (Monday to Thursday) the moon is in a waxing crescent phase. This is good for exploring creative ideas, making plans, visualizing change and spells for money and your career.

The moon enters Aries on Tuesday at 10:47am. You can best use this energy by doing something you’re passionate about, being productive and being ambitious. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, be creative, start a project, or do something active. Try to avoid being impulsive, impatient and short-tempered during this time though. Be confident in what you do, but avoid being too arrogant. If you start any projects, make sure you have a plan to ensure it gets completed.

On Thursday at 11:30pm, the moon will go into earthy Taurus. This is good for being artistic, staying at home and relaxing, appreciating the beauty around you, being sensual and being grounded. It would be wise to be practical and realistic during this time and to look over your spending habits. Re-evaluate what you value in your life and take time to appreciate yourself and loved ones. During this time if you are going to be stubborn, try directing that energy into something useful, such as stubbornness to keep a goal.

"Into the Void..." reads white on plum background while a starburst shape including yellows, white, and various tones of blue in geometric patterns.

Moon Void of Course

I won’t get too into detail about this here, but when the moon is in between changing zodiac signs, it goes through a period called “Void of Course”. Things started at this time often get delayed, need adjustment, end up failing, or otherwise just not being stable.

If you’re making any major decisions (e.g. starting a new business, making investments, or even first dates) they should be avoided during this time if possible, as well as planning anything important. Instead, do something such as cleaning, reading, meditating, or so on. If you are going to close a business or end a relationship, this is the time to do so.


Into the Void, times this week...

Times this week:

Feb.21st from 8:08pm to 10:36pm
Feb.25th from 6:12am to 10:46am
Feb.27th from 7:25pm to 11:29pm

Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for next week!

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