Moon Signs with Jenna Medeiros: March 20th to 26th, 2020.

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The Moon’s Energy & How it’s Affecting Us

Weekly periods run from Friday to Thursday, All times PST


Why follow the moon?

In astrology, the moon rules our feelings, habits and instincts. Knowing what sign and phase the moon is in gives you the chance to harness the moon’s energy to your advantage – to know when the best, most effective time is for taking action, romance, relaxing or when to avoid certain things. Also, if you’re more tuned into the moon’s energy, it gives you a heads up of how the moon will be affecting you on an emotional level. If you want to read about the other planets, I also write a monthly article on!


For those more advanced, you can check what house the moon is transiting in your natal chart to see where in your life you can expect these energetic changes.
Want to know what the moon has in store for you? Read on!

What can we expect this week?

March 20th to 26th, 2020.


Friday the 20th, the moon is in a waning crescent phase in the sign of Aquarius. This is the best time to try something new or with a different approach. This is a perfect time to stand out, be weird and show off what makes you unique! Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, it encourages innovative change to push us out of our comfort zones to help us grow. This is good timing for thinking outside the box, communicating with friends and making wishes. The moon will be in Aquarius until Saturday morning. The waning crescent is good for studying, looking inward, showing gratitude, resting and reflecting. It’s also the time for cleansing your home and meditating. This moon phase will last until the new moon on Tuesday.


Saturday at 5:33am, the moon enters watery Pisces. This is a great time for being creative, dreamy and compassionate. When the moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), our intuition is heightened and our emotions are more unstable. Those with sun or moon water signs will be more prone to mood swings. (e.g. Cancer sun sign or Pisces moon). Remember to take care of yourself if you get overwhelmed and try expressing your emotions through art, writing or something else that’s healthy. This is a favourable time for divination, meditation and dream work. This is also the sign when we are the most spiritual. During this period, trust your intuition if something feels off and try not to get caught up in fantasy to avoid problems or responsibilities. Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, avoid drinking and drugs or any other form of unhealthy escapism. If you are making goals or plans, remember to be realistic and not to get too carried away in dreaming. The moon will be here until Monday at 5:58pm.

Monday evening, the moon goes into fiery Aries! This energy is passionate, confident, energetic and impatient. You can put this fast-moving energy to use by being ambitious, working on any goals you may have and being generally productive. This is also a good time for being creative and working on your confidence. Careful of not finishing projects or not following through with what you said. Also, be cautious of being reckless, getting into petty arguments and making impulsive decisions. If you tend to be quick tempered, try doing breathing exercises, doing something active, meditating or going into nature to ground and calm yourself. If you start anything new during this time, don’t rush into it or through it just to get it done and make a plan if needed. The moon will be in Aries until Thursday morning.
Tuesday is the new moon! This moon phase is good for thinking about what you want to bring into your life, visualizing changes and setting intentions/goals. You may want to cleanse your crystals, tarot cards, or other magickal items in the moonlight. The new moon is also good for manifesting, making wishes, banishing magick, divination and soul searching.

Starting Wednesday, the moon will be in a waxing crescent phase. This is a favourable time for expressing your creativity, making concrete plans, as well as visualizing and manifesting changes you want to bring into your life. If you do any spell work, this is the time to draw things toward you such as abundance, love, success, etc.


Thursday at 6:37am, the moon enters the sign of Taurus. This is a good time for staying at home and relaxing, working on your confidence, being artistic, practical, down-to-earth, and appreciating the beauty around you. Ruled by Venus, the moon in Taurus makes it an ideal time for focusing on relationships (of all kinds), being sensual and for re-evaluating our money/spending habits. This is also an ideal time for redecorating your home or changing up your looks. Take time to reflect on what you value in life and how you value yourself. Avoid being too stuck in your ways, and it would be beneficial during this time to put any stubborn energy toward goals involving money or business. If you have a lot to do today, don’t rush and work at a steady, comfortable pace.

Moon Void of Course

I won’t get too into detail about this here, but when the moon is in between changing zodiac signs, it goes through a period called “Void of Course”. Things started at this time often get delayed, need adjustment, end up failing, or otherwise just not being stable.

If you’re making any major decisions (e.g. starting a new business, making investments, or even first dates) they should be avoided during this time if possible, as well as planning anything important. Instead, do something such as cleaning, reading, meditating, or so on. If you are going to close a business or end a relationship, this is the time to do so.

Times this week:

Into the Void: Times this week: Mar.20th from 2:00am to 5:32am Mar.23rd from 7:51am to 5:57pm Mar.26th from 12:16am to 6:36am

Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for next week!

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