Sponsorship Tiers

Sponsorship Tiers

Right now FolkWoman.ca is owned, written, edited, designed and published by Amanda Nicole Ramsay and privately funded although Amanda. Amanda herself is a BC Person With Disabilities is also a single parent.

Rabble Rouser, by contrast, is a group of eight people now who wish to redefine what it means to contribute to their communities, participate, and connect with others.

Rabble Rouser is empowered by eight distinct contributors who all have their gifts and like me, it's not money.

Any donations you make will directly help lessen the financial burden of the platform hosting, content development, talent development and acquisition, project research and development, and further events, projects, training and content including:

  • Indigenous & Multi-Cultural Content
  • Polls & Research
  • Features on Local Families & Businesses AS Nominated, not paid
  • Opinion Pieces from Locals
  • Local Letters to Our Publisher
  • Local Creative Projects and Multi-Media Story-Telling
  • Community Relationship Fostering
  • Representation: intersectional, diverse & inclusive
  • Helpful & Insightful Content

If you would like to set up in-kind contributions, join as a contributor, or would like to suggest other ways that neighbours can get involved,

Please Contact Us Here!


Available are the following amounts in weekly or monthly support tiers.