Folk Content. media companies play a large role in the proliferation of racist and prejudiced ideas and ideologies. When Amanda began her personal journey of removing the layers of colonialism and cycles of violence from her own past and present, she began to see how systemic the problem really is. Media, corporations and even governments can benefit from prejudice and inequality so how can one fight something that feels so big?

Folk Stories. The story of one person can change the world, just look at the stories of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Muhammad, and many other stories. These are just western ones. All people, western or not, deserve to be represented and hear their stories among popular and common media.

Folk Context. Common people have common problems such as a lack of representation, lack of healthcare even in the great "Free Healthcare" country of Canada, cultural genocide, the suppression of non-western narratives and interests including issues such as Climate Change, Global Deforestation, Pollution, Inter-Cultural Violence, and many others.

Folk Accessibility. For example, a person who grows up in poverty might be entertained by stories about entitled rich brats behaving badly but there's not much there to connect with story-wise or on the personal side. On the other hand those who make movies, music and stories about poverty these days are not people who have been actively suppressed by the systems that exist to keep economic barriers alive and well so their capacity to represent lower-income or poor families is non-existent. Folk Woman Publishing wants people to create from their own realities rather than to just take advantage of "demographic trends". Folk Woman Publishing also hopes to make all stories and publications available in multi-media and multi-print-sized media for all the diverse ways that individuals consume media.

Folk Commerce. Ever wondered if there was a better way to "money" or "economics" as they are currently? There IS! It's called community property sharing, cooperative labour and exact representational policies. Curious? Good. Keep coming back and you'll learn more about how to become involved and support our work.


Eagle Eats

 Children's Title in Development: written by Terrace author & poet Amanda Ramsay and Illustrated by Terrace artist Oli Sherrill, Eagle Eats is a children's art picture book that captures the heart of living in the northwest coast of British Columbia. 

From Between the Cracks

Socio-Political Title in Development: written by Terrace author & poet Amanda Ramsay.

More to come...