Gold Sponsorship Tier - Monthly

Gold Sponsorship Tier - Monthly

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This tier includes:

  • newsletters as they are sent out
  • news about FolkWoman or Rabble Rouser
  • all announcements
  • access to all free printables
  • access to all FolkWoman & Rabble Rouser articles
  • direct emails to free printables & downloads
  • updates from the publisher and contributors as subscribed
  • annual Birthday Card
  • Proof of Sponsorship Certificate after one year (12 months, or 365 days)

This tier will charge your method of payment every month for $49.99. Cancelling is easy after sign up by accessing your Customer Account Portal on this website.

Further, you will receive the following:

  • Invitations to all events, seminars, retreats & courses
  • Notification of all new projects and call-outs for participation or interest
  • Invitation to participate in all polls & surveys which will help FolkWoman & Rabble Rouser make important decisions about their futures.
  • Project Updates & Progress

Gold Sponsors are especially generous, so we're including the following too:

  • Monthly updates on projects of your interest
  • Regular check-ins with whether FolkWoman or Rabble Rouser can support you in some way.
  • Invitations to Contributor-Only events
  • Invitations to Sponsor/Donor-Only Events